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A Better Place Score and Parts HARDCOPY

A Better Place Score and Parts HARDCOPY

Link to Video of Performance

The phrase “A Better Place” can apply to many experiences.  Those words express a yearning and hope for a new life, an escape, an alternative to a present situation.  They also express solace to those who have lost a loved one.  Then can resonate in one's head as one is suffering through severe conditions to reach a new country.  They can become a mantra for those  locked into a working or living environment that seems hopeless.  In all of these instances one experiences a mixture of optimism and melancholy.  "A Better Place" evokes this amalgamation of emotions.


Performance Notes:

Throughout this piece, performers move to different locations on stage, guided by specific instructions in their parts.  The following pages of diagrams show the placement of the performers at key times in the score. The rectangles in the diagrams represent music stands that should be on stage before the piece begins.  No scores need to be carried from one stand to another as parts have been extracted in such a way that before the performance, the appropriate music can be placed on each stand.  


The circles in the first few pages of diagrams represent the performers sitting on the floor facing each other, bent over with heads down towards the floor.  Initially their instruments can either be on stands next to the first music stand the performer will be at; or the performers can hold their instruments... whichever feels most comfortable and convenient.  If it is necessary, the first page of music may be placed on the floor in the center of the performers, to help them time their movements from the floor to their appropriate music stand.

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