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Radiate for Wind Ensemble.  Three Movements. Score and Parts

Radiate for Wind Ensemble. Three Movements. Score and Parts

To hear a performance of Movement I (As Shadows) click here

Movement II (With Warmth)

Movement III (Like Shining Energy)


Radiate… for Wind Ensemble is a twenty-five minute work in three movements. Each movement’s title connects with the overall title of the composition:


  • … as shadows
  • … with warmth
  • … like shining energy


Radiate for Wind Ensemble is also a celebration of and tribute to Gary Green, a deep and thoughtful man with a warm heart and more energy than the sun.


All three movements of Radiate express mental moods.


In the first movement, the beauty of the timbres over-shadows melody and rhythm. Waves of darkly colored clouds of sound waft over the listener, moving much like shadows that invade the mind of the depressed person, where dark moods are interrupted by sharp, painful feelings of stress.


Without pause, the second movement begins with remnants of the first movement, but then opens up to a simple statement of the unifying motive of the overall work. In this movement, the motive is static but constantly varied, marked by warm colors and an embracing simplicity that hides a complex timbral interplay and reflecting the optimism of the mind that is at equilibrium.


In the third movement, the beauty that is wrought from rhythm and the joy and exhilaration that comes from being “on the edge” is embraced. The energy and adrenalin of the manic mind eventually wears itself out



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