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Entanglements for Violin, Cello and Fixed Media

Entanglements for Violin, Cello and Fixed Media

To hear a performance click here

The purchase of the score includes parts and the fixed media recording.  When score is purchased you will be contacted to identify what format you prefer the fixed media is in.

Entanglements was composed while I was fellow at the American Academy in Rome.  Throughout my year there I often experienced the effect architectural space had on sound. In static art, such as painting and sculpture, the experience of time is controlled by a fixed element.  The time spent with the art is influenced by where the art is placed within a space, and the entire architectural space itself.  Entanglements explores the influence of time via a fixed object by contrasting flexible time events (the performers) and fixed time events (prerecorded sound).  The performers, like the viewers of art, are influenced by a fixed object. It is essentially impossible for a human to play in exact time and be expressive, and as a result, there is a buffer between the human and the machine time that creates a tension that might be thought of as the edge right before chaos. The fixed media also competes with the architectural space to influence the rate at which the performers play. Normally the architectural space has priority over the performance but in this case, an additional tension is created by an entanglement of fixed and human time and the architectural space.

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