In examining my music and how it relates to the milieu of our times I have arrived at a term that describes it:


Disparate Elements Working Together Towards Common Goal.
MAN-MACHINE (Not Man and/or Machine)

The feeling that at any moment, all could fall into disarray.
The border of chaos
The edge where great things happen

Is the 21st century an age of disconnect, a time of reduced human interaction? Or, is our era one of increased connections? Take for example the ordinary task of driving a car. There is a connection of the driver’s brain and body with the mechanical and electrical components of the automobile. Add to this road conditions such as stop lights and road surface. A malfunction in any one of these areas results in a bread down. Could this be thought of as a hyper connection if one considers that there are numerous other car/drivers all functioning at the same time and that if any one of them has a malfunction, many are affected by it? If one person has a brain that is impaired, catastrophe will result. If that one person runs into oncoming traffic resulting in hitting another car that slams into a power pole that supplies the electricity for the stop lights and for fifty houses, one of which is owned by a person who is on a dialysis machine there are tragic results.

Humans have always been dependent on one another, but in the 21st century the speed and the magnitude at which this connection takes place is much higher. One blip in the cost of oil and millions of people are affected.

My music is similar in that the synchronization between the players and the electronics, or between the players themselves is so tightly connected that if one thing goes wrong, the music will fall into disarray. My preference as a composer is to write music in which the hyper-connectivity aspect is in the foreground.